Testimony of God and The Book of Mormon

This week was a little slow. But overall it turned out well. My weekly highlight is from Sunday evening. We were out going door to door and a young man answered. He explained that he is agnostic, meaning he does not deny the existence of a God because there no way to prove it one way or another. At this point I was able to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon as evidence that there is a God. I testified that He hears our prays and will answer them. When I finished speaking, this man expressed how impressed he was that I have this kind of conviction. We left him a card so that he could find us when he has interest and left. As we left, I felt in my heart that I had fulfilled my purpose in this moment. I do not know if he will ever join the church, but I hope what I said made a lasting impression on him.

So this is a short story shared with me by one of my friends serving in the Frankfurt mission:

“One day, Lucy was at the store with her mother. They did their shopping and while in the checkout line, Lucy saw something. That something was the most precious little bracelet that she had ever laid eyes on. This bracelet was made out of precious, white, plastic pearls. Upon seeing this bracelet, she asked her mom, “Mommy! Mommy! Can I get it? Can I get the bracelet?” Her mom asked her how much money Lucy had. They counted out her coins and it all added up to one dollar. The bracelet however had a price of two dollars. Lucy had a look of disappointment on her face and her mom told her, “Lucy, if you work hard this next week and help out around the house, I will give you enough money so that you can buy this bracelet.” Lucy accepted.

The moment they got home, Lucy went to work. She would help with the dishes. She helped taking out the garbage. She even helped clean her room! Ultimately, the week passed and they returned to the store and Lucy was able to purchase the bracelet. As soon as the bracelet was hers, Lucy wore it every day! She never was without her bracelet of plastic pearls. She wore it to bed. She wore it to school. She always had the bracelet. She cherished this bracelet.

Every night her dad would come in to tuck her in. He would then ask her, “Lucy, do you love me?” Lucy would have the sweetest answer every time; “I love you more than anything daddy!” He would then say, “I love you too. Good night.” He would then give her a kiss on her forehead and then leave. He continued this but after sometime he added something. He would ask, “Lucy, do you love me?” She would reply the same way; “I love you more than anything daddy!” He would then ask, “Well, can I have your bracelet then?” She would then giggle a little and say, “No daddy. You can’t have my bracelet. I love it too much!” He would then continue to kiss her on her forehead, and then leave. However he did have a rather solemn look on his face as he did so. After a few nights of doing this, one night he went into Lucy’s room and to his surprise something was different. As he entered into the room, he saw Lucy sitting on the edge of her bed with her arm stretched out in front of her, fist clenched. He noticed that Lucy was holding her bracelet made out of plastic pearls. She said, “Here daddy. I love you more than anything. Even my bracelet.” He then sat down next to her. Gave her a hug and said to her that he would return shortly. So he took the bracelet of plastic pearls and left the room. Soon he returned holding a box. He gave it to Lucy and when she opened it, her face lit up instantly. Inside the box was a necklace of real pearls. Lucy jumped up, threw her arms around her father, gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “Thank you daddy! They’re more pretty than anything I have ever dreamed of!”

In this story we can replace Lucy with ourselves. Our father asks us if we love him and we must show it with our actions. He asks us to give up our plastic beads (pride, bad talking about others, being lazy, being negative, etc.). What he has for us is so much better, it is like comparing plastic beads to pearls.

Love, Elder Billings

2015 07 20 RR tracks

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