The Work of Salvation

So this week was a little warm:) We spent a lot of time out talking to people and not many were interested. Not that important though. What was really great was teaching. We only had one lesson but the lady we taught was so great. She is older and from Russia. Really quiet but she wants to learn the gospel. She is so wonderful and the members are really good about teaching her with us. I am actually really out of time. We are meeting our mission president tomorrow so I can write about that next week.

This is my letter to [his new mission president] President Fingerle:

“I would like to begin my letter with some thoughts on the Fourth of July. As I think about what this holiday stands for, I am reminded of my ancestors and the example of faith that they have lived. I think of my parents who raised me to love God and to have a faith centered in Christ. Each of them walked the path of faith and set the course for me to follow. From my great-great-great grandfather who joined the church in Kirtland and was loyal to God and his Prophets until his death in 1866, to my grandfather who joined the church in his prime and stayed true through all the trials of his life. I see their sacrifice as sacred, and hope to live a life worthy of it.

As that is my goal, how can I give any less than my all in this, the work of salvation. That brings me to my study this week. I decided to return to chapter 1 in Preach my Gospel to read the scriptures for the section, “a successful missionary”. The question is put forth, how do servants of the Lord feel about their work and how do they influence those they serve? I spent so much time thinking about these questions, and I was struck, as I read the scripture passages that followed, by the love that these missionaries had for God and for their fellowmen. Not only that, but their reaction to rejection as well. They were sorry, that is true, but they each lifted up they heads and rejoiced. And, like in the case of Alma, returned speedily to preach to gospel.

That was a message I really needed this week. Mostly because this program is struggling. We are teaching one person and, despite our finding efforts, we have not found any new investigators in the last two weeks. That is not really anything to complain about. But, I was feeling very stressed out for the last couple of days, then I studied this section and it brought peace and understanding.”

Elder Billings


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