This Week (June 1-8)


We visited the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen. It was a rather interesting experience and not necessarily one I would like to repeat. There was a very real heaviness in the air. This evening we visited two brothers that are the only young men in the branch. We just started a mission prep class with them, and we began with the Book of Mormon. It was a good opportunity for them to bear testimony.


Today we had Zone conference in Berlin and it was President Kosak’s last one with us. At the end of this month he will finish his mission and we will get a new mission president. It was a really spiritual meeting and it was fantastic to listen to the visiting area seventy Elder Adler. President Kosak talked about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel. I have to say, that is the thing that I have really learned from him, to love the prophet Joseph Smith and the scriptures. I can still remember how he stood at the front of the room in a zone conference in Dresden nearly a year ago and shared with us his testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. For him, and many other saints in the DDR, that was their only connection to the church. It has always impressed me how much he knows and how well he uses his knowledge of the scriptures.


Today we were finally able to get a lesson with a new member that doesn’t have much time. She is a very active grandma and watches her grandkids all the time. Usually she says that she does not have the time to meet during the week, but we went by unexpectedly and she happened to have time. So that was a miracle.


Again with the miracles. We went by on a less active member, and we were able to meet with her and make out a new appointment. She has a very strong testimony and continues to read the the Book of Mormon and pray but hasn’t been to church in the last five years or so. We used to meet pretty regularly with her but we lost contact about two months ago. But now she’s back.


Today was very hot and many of our appointments fell out. But we cleaned up the church and were able to talk with the members some.


Today was also hot but we were more used to it this time. We were outside almost the whole day and when we came home I was pooped. As celebration for a good day’s work we made tortillas.


We spent a lot of time with our members. Kind of one appointment after another and that is always really nice.

Yeah, this week I was so much more tired than last week. And most of this “daily journal” I wrote today. Naja, it is all good. Have a great week!

Elder Billings




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