[April 27]  This week, I thought about discipline in life. Elder Christofferson once said, discipline comes from constantly choosing the right because it is right. James 1:8 states that the double minded man being unstable. In Alma it talks about the wars between Amalickiah and Moroni and as I read I thought about the nephites. They could have had peace, but there were two minds in this people. One for a king and the other for freedom. As long as these two minds were competing, the Nephites had little success in fighting their enemies. However, as soon as this inner struggle was taken care of, the nephites quickly restored peace and freedom in their lands.

As I studied, I saw how important it is to be one. That is the core of discipline, to know who you are and what you are doing. When you are one, there is no need to wonder what you will do. You know that you choose the right, because it is right, regardless of the circumstances.
We were visited this week by two members of the quorum of the seventy. It was an amazing meeting and I learned a lot about the importance of obedience. In obedience, there are several levels, but the highest level is that of Christ. It is demonstrated by the Sons of Helaman, they obeyed every word of command with exactness. That is the level of integrity that we ought to strive for, to be someone that obeys every word of the Lord with exactness.
One last thing to share. Elder Nielson of the seventy shared a parable about a bird. He said, a bird sitting on a branch is not afraid that the branch will break, because its trust is not in the branch but in its own wings. Likewise, our trust is not in our own ability to exalt ourselves but in our commitment to do good and be good. It is based in the Atonement of Christ.
That’s it. Have a great week.
Edler J Billings
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