This week we have a mission wide training conference to learn how to use I-pads in our mission. For the last two weeks our Mission President has been preparing us to use technology wisely and effectively. As you can imagine, the integration of I-pads would change the way that missionary time is used considerably. In his letter this week he said, “If we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always gotten”.

The line was really surprising to me because it was a topic that I have had on my mind for a while. I was looking back on my time in Potsdam and I saw how the work has changed, what new things we were using and what we had stopped. I saw how some investigators have made progress and how others have not. I really has been a time to “ponder the path of [my] feet” as President Monson taught last General Conference. It was really interesting to see how I can change and what I need to do to get to a better path, and also to look at where I was before and what has led me to change into what I am today.

This last Sunday, our stake president visited our branch because we got a new building. In his talk to us he asked us to answer a couple questions to ourselves:

When was the last time you prayed fervently and fasted to overcome a weakness or a problem?
When was the last time you fasted outside of a fast Sunday and donated a fast offering?

These last couple of weeks there have been many people that have asked that I answer questions to myself. As I did it and though about the answers that I would give and what that means for me, I was soon told by the spirit how I needed to change.

It is so important to have the spirit as a constant companion. He tells us the words of the Father in a loving manner and helps us to know the truth of all things.

This coming week will be pretty crazy and I have no idea what to expect but it will be a time to learn from God.

I wish you a week fun of guidance from the Spirit.

Elder J Billings

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