My current companion is Elder Feistl. He is from Berlin. It is interesting having a native companion, and I don’t know how long he will be here. He has sent in his visa application several times and he is really anxious to get going, it has almost been like serving with a trunky missionary. He is really great though. He loves the people, and he always tries to feel how they are feeling. It is a skill I am working on. One crazy experience was that a cat was following us around and keep wanting to touch us, and so we stopped and it crawled up onto our chests.

This week we did an exchange with some other missionaries in our distrikt, and I got to serve with a brand new missionary! That was my highlight of the week. He was so full of faith and was ready to bear his testimony to everyone we talked with. It was amazing. I love to see the faith of new members, new missionaries, old missionaries… It helps me to want to be better.

This week we were able to go help a long time investigator with some moving. It took a lot of time, but it helped her to trust us more, and she even introduced us to her friends, and we had a really cool talk about the gospel. Because she isn’t a member yet, we are always trying to give her faith boosts, so it was really good that we could have that time.

Elder J Billings

2015 03 16 Kitty love

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