Greater Love

This week was really great. I really loved zone training meeting. It was an answer to my prayers. During the meeting I felt that I need to love the people so much more than I do right now, or at least that I need to show it. I realized that I was missing that in my testimony. I could not feel the spirit as strongly because I was not speaking because of my love for the people. There is a special feeling that comes when we speak to others in love. It is an interesting answer, at least one that I was not expecting. It happened like this:

At our training meeting, our mission president told us that we do not bear testimony as often as we should. He told us that we should practice this and then proceeded to show us how to bear our testimony (the training model is: explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate, re-practice). As I listened to him share his testimony with his wife, his love for her and for the gospel was so tangible. In that moment, I knew that what I was missing was a tangible love for those I was talking with.

John 15:13 says, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Because Christ loves us, he offered his life for us. We also become saviors on mount Zion when we offer our time and talents to help others, it is a manifestation of our love for them. I am only beginning to understand this principle but I have already seen the fruits it brings. I love you all.

Elder J Billings

[About the picture, one day at lunch, a man and his son asked if the son could take a picture with J and his companion (zone leader that day). A series of questions revealed that Rick and the man work in the same organization. Small world. J and ZL helped them with some maps of the area and got them on the train and went with them where they needed to go.]

2015-03-04 Monkey hats edit

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