Let the Holy Spirit Guide

This week we had mission tour and Elder Kopischka of the 70 came. I learned so much but I don’t have time for that right now, so I will share a short experience that happened right afterwards.

We met with a family in our branch that has some kids that are unsure of the gospel. That is, they go to church, but they don’t quite know what it means to them or what they should do about it. After getting back from mission tour, we only had thirty seconds to get something together for them before we went in. We decided on a scripture that was talked about in mission tour. As you could probably imagine, this was not the best planned lesson that we have had. But we went in with a prayer in our hearts, a really heartfelt prayer, and we probably prayed more in this lesson than most others that we have.

As we shared the scripture, the Spirit guided us to say the things that this family needed to hear and gave testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. We are really working hard with one of the boys to help him decide to go on a mission. Right now things are looking good and we will be staying another six weeks to work with him.

Attached is a sign I saw in a parking lot that reminded me of the Godhead.

Have a great week!

Elder J Billings


2015 01 12 Parking Lot Sign
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