Joshua 24:15

So I don’t have a lot of time this week, so I will talk a little bit about what I am studying in my personal study right now. I am studying in Acts and Preach my Gospel. I have noticed that a lot of the principles that are in Preach my Gospel are also mentioned or shown in Acts. In the introduction to Preach my Gospel it says that we need to treasure the knowledge that God gives us in our study and that when we do that we will be more likely to receive more knowledge. It also says that after you have recorded it you should develop a system to be able to find the knowledge again. I need to work on  one of those. Also, at the beginning of Preach my Gospel I wrote down three questions so that when I go through it the next time I can see that I am doing the things that I learned. It is kind of like following up with my future self.

Search the words of Christ- treasure the knowledge you receive- change. That is one of the greatest lessons that I have learned on my mission. Our mission President, President Kosak always reminds us that the only way to repent is to change and that change cannot happen next week, next month or even the next day, change must happen immediately. Choose this day, whom you will serve. Today while the sun shines. I know that there is power in change, God blesses us as we bring our lives more in harmony with his teachings.

Thank you for your testimonies and your support. Love you.

Elder J Billings
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