Mountains to Climb

So today I learned a little something about life. It came during a hike in the “mountains” of Germany.  We hiked up to a look out point and found a lot of open air and stillness. Eventually we had to turn around to go back down. As we began to hike down the mountain, we realized that the path that we were taking would not get us were we wanted to go, the train station. Naturally as prepared missionaries we pulled out the map and found where we were and where we had to go. We then took the path that led to the train station. A little ways down the trail, we came to a fork in the road that was not on the map. We studied the map for a minute and realized that we had been looking at the wrong part of the map and that we were not where we thought we were. As I thought about this experience, I realized that sometimes in life we don’t realize where we are on the map. We come to forks in the road and start to wonder why they are there. But as we study the map we realize that we are not on a straight shot for our destination, but in a world filled with choices. Each turn will bring new decisions for us to make and we must be prepared to make inspired decisions that will lead us to eternal life. This part of the path is called Earth Life, and it is a place of decision. As President Monson teaches, “each day is a day of decision, and our decisions determine our destiny”.

This experience was not very difficult to over come. It was not at the same caliber as high adventure in Arches National Park. But this experience taught me to know where I am and as mentioned several time in General Conference this last month, to always know which way I face.

I know that God will guide us to make the right decisions as we rely on him and ask him for our “daily bread” (Mormon message). I know that Christ has made it possible for us to repent and get back on the right path. I hope that you will all think that you are in a world of decisions, and you walk a path that is surrounded by enticing detours and false paths, but that as you study the map (scriptures, prayer, general conference, etc.) you will always know where you are and where you want to go.

Thank you again for all of your support and prayers.

Elder J Billings

Mountains to climb

Mountains to climb

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