Faith in Christ

There is a Mormon message that I discovered recently called Mountains to Climb. President Eyring talks about how all trials can be overcome with faith in Christ. No matter what may stand in our way, He is beside us. His angels are all around us, and they are lifting us through our difficult times. I have truly experienced this in my life especially here on my mission. We cannot accomplish anything here in the mission field on our own. If we try to do things alone, He will let us, and then we will cross through tough trials because we are trying to bear the weight on our own shoulders. Our faith grows not with age, as President Eyring said, but as we consistently serve God and men. A friend of mine sent me a quote from a talk called To be Healed. It talks about how when we are in trials, we should turn outward and serve others in love. This is one of the characteristics of Christ. In His hardest trials, He turned to serve others, He healed a man’s ear in the middle of the atonement. He is an example for us all, and I know that as we follow His example and give ourselves in the service of others, we will be lifted out of trials to partake of the Joy of Christ.

Have a great week, I love you all!

Elder J Billings

Sunset near Bernburg

Sunset near Bernburg

Sunset near Bernburg

Sunset near Bernburg

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