Hey, this week we taught an older lady that has been struggling with depression. She feels that she should help everyone and seeing so much sadness and sorrow in the world causes her to fall into depression. I felt so humbled as we talked with her and taught her about the love the savior has for us and for all of his children. This sunday she came to church and unfortuntly only stayed for the first hour because it was so much at one time but she told us how much she liked it and told one of our members that she would be back soon. Then to day while we were out working she called us and talked with us for a long time about how much she enjoyed coming to church and how well the members treated her. She finished by saying that she had been waiting for us to contact her for the last six months and that this is what she has been waiting for. She is one of those investigtors that every missionary hopes to teach and I really hope to be here when she gets baptized.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and I have only begun to see how he works. The blessing he has in store for hi children are so great and he cares for each and every one of us.

I love you all.
Elder J Billings

Bear of Bernburg

Bear of Bernburg

(compare "Dan  Jones awakens Wales" church history picture)

(compare Dan
Jones awakens Wales church history picture)

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