I just transferred to a new area in east Germany called Bernburg. My first week I had trouble adjusting, but with help from my companion and the Lord I am stronger than I ever was before. I decided to be really friendly to everyone. I say hello to everyone and wish everyone I talk to a nice day. I also wave to people in cars. That causes some interesting reactions. Some people wave back some have a bewildered look on their face as they drive by and in one case, a lady stopped. We were dooring a street, and a lady pulled out of her drive way, and as she drove up the street,  I waved to her and kept walking, but she had stopped and rolled down her window as if to talk to me. Unfortunately I had already turned away to follow my companion, but by the time I realized and turned to talk to her, she had driven away. Always be prepared for strange opportunities, they will come!!!!

So that was interesting. I also have big news. We had a baptism in our branch. One of the member’s daughters was baptized yesterday by her father. It is not really a baptism caused by us but in the words of my district leader, “we need to bring all unto Christ and rejoice when any new sheep comes into the fold. Sometimes missionaries are too focused on baptizing those that add to our numbers and forget the seven year old children of the ward”. Or something like that. They have just as much need to be baptized as the investigators we are working with and the people we search for on the street. Our call as members and missionaries is to invite all to come unto Christ by receiving the gospel of Christ and accepting baptism. Christ is overjoyed when his children accept him and choose to follow him. We are not just called to invite the people of our area our city or our teaching pool unto Christ, but all men. I truly hope that you will all think of this phrase in a new light, whether it be a stranger, a friend, a family member or yourself, we have been called.

I remember the lyrics of the song, the Army of Helaman, or the one that starts “We have been called [born].” I don’t have time to write them out, but I hope you will take the time to read them your self and review the story of the 2000 stripling warriors. They were the servants of God, and so are we. Go forth with faith and love to bring the gospel to all the world. I pray for you, and I love you.

Elder J Billings

War memorial plaque

War memorial plaque

Bear Pit at the castle

Bear kept in castle in Bernburg


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