In which we hear the Parable of the Oranges

Tuesday we started something called power finding. We visit members, pray with them, and then go finding in their area. We visited with a member that lives near us on Tuesday and did finding around our neighborhood, which I don’t think has been done yet. We had a lot more conversations than we normally do and talked with a lot of people about We visited another family in our area on Friday and we were able to give an older couple a Book of Mormon and talked about how it takes all the faiths and combines them into the one true faith. They are busy now, but they will read it when they have time. Saturday morning we took one of our ward missionaries out with us. We were able to show him a little more about what we do as missionaries and how to do it himself. That evening we did district finding, and we found a new investigator; we have an appointment with him on Tuesday.

Wednesday was mission tour. One of the area seventy comes to our mission and teaches the missionaries how to be better missionaries. This time we had Elder Dyches with us. He served a mission in Germany, and it was interesting to hear some of his insights. One story he shared was called the parable of the Oranges. It talks about a worker that applied for a position and didn’t get it. The person that received the job had worked at the company for a shorter time than the first worker, and he felt that he deserved the job more than the second worker. He decided to go to his boss about it. After he had vented his feelings to his boss, his boss looked at him and told him that his wife was having a party. She needed oranges to make dessert, and he wanted this worker to go buy some. He quickly went to the store, bought two bags of oranges and came rushing back. His boss thanked him and then told him to sit for a minute. He then called in the other worker that had gotten the job. He gave him the same instructions and sent him on his way. Twenty minutes passed, then thirty, and the worker still wasn’t back. Finally he came back and placed three bags of oranges on the boss’s desk. The boss asked him, “How did you know to buy three bags, and these are different kinds of oranges. Why is that?” The worker explained, “I went to the super market, but I realized I didn’t know anything about oranges or what kind of dessert your wife was making”. He then went on to explain how he had worked with the produce manager and boss’s wife to get the right amount of oranges in the right types and for a reduced price. He then thanked the boss for the opportunity to learn about oranges and left the room. The first worker didn’t need to hear anymore. He knew why the second worker had the job. He had shown initiative, loyalty and a thankful heart.

That was a really long story but it was something that really interested me. I saw how I am like a worker or a servant in the Lord’s vineyard. I need to be the best worker I can be by showing initiative, being loyal and having a thankful heart. We can all fulfill this in our own lives. You don’t need to be a full time missionary to do missionary work. Look for small opportunities to bring others closer to our Savior, and I know you will feel the same joy Ammon felt in Alma 26 as he thought about the many Lamanites that had been brought to a knowledge of the truth.

Thank you for your support and your love,

Elder J Billings

Elders Field and Billings

Elders Field and Billings

Elders Mullen, Billings and Randall

Elders Mullen, Billings and Randall

President Kosak photo bombing Elders Billings and Christensen

President Kosak photo bombing Elders Billings and Christensen


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