Neon Orange Lollipops

Great subject for an email, I know. You’ll understand in just a minute.

This week was pretty alright. We had some good lessons with our less active member this week, and he really seems to be getting better. He should be at church next week. We also met with some other people, but one of the coolest things was that we got a new couple in our ward. They have been living in the Netherlands studying for the last couple of years, but now they decided to move back to Germany and just happened to chose Wilhelmshaven. They are both musically gifted and can play the piano and the organ which makes numbers two and three in our branch. We had some great music Sunday from the husband. Saturday we helped them move into their apartment. It went very quickly because his family, her family, and some members from her parents ward were all there to help. It was almost scary to see so many young members all in one place.

Now we get to the Lollis. After helping the new family move in, we went to a game for the adult football team in Wilhelmshaven. We had been planning to talk to some of the younger players, but they went and became the chain gang on the other side of the field. Elder Field and I ended up taking notes for the coach on what the team could improve on and stuff. It wasn’t exactly what we were planning on, but the adults saw us and said hi to us and looked at our nametags. So it was a good way to get our name out a little more. After the game we even talked with some of the younger players, and some of them even asked us a little more about what we do. It isn’t exactly the kind of work I was thinking of when I left on my mission, but it is still good. Now if you haven’t guessed yet, the Neon Orange Lollipops are how the commentator described the down markers. He spend the first quarter explaining the rules of the game to the Germans. So that was always funny.

This week we studied a little more in the end of 2 Nephi and Jacob. One of the most interesting things I thought of was how in Jacob 5 it talks about the Lord of the vineyard stretching his hand out all the day long to nurture and care for is vineyard, but it still becomes corrupt; however, he continues to work and ends up gathering much fruit. I have noticed that one of Satan’s greatest tools is discouragement. It he can get good people to think that they can’t make a difference, then he can continue his work. Keep pushing forward. You can make a difference and you are making a difference. Be an example of the believers. People notice when you follow Christ.

 Elder J Billings

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