Reading the Book of Mormon

So we just started reading the Book of Mormon as a mission. We are focusing on the gospel of Christ and discipleship. That is always a theme that seemed to be in the background, but I never really went that deep into it. I have already felt a difference in the way I view my life and the gospel as I have begun this reading. One cool experience I had was when I was studying the vision of the tree of life. I noticed that Nephi never really got things told to him straight up. The Spirit would tell him about Christ, and then Nephi would learn more about the vision and the meanings.

Sorry I don’t have a lot for this week. It went be really quickly. I got a new companion named Elder Field. He is almost done with his mission. He is a former Zone leader and trained one of our zone leaders. We taught a couple this week that we found last week while dooring. I realized that I need to practice teaching more because I got lost a couple times. Hopefully I get a lot more practice in the coming 6 weeks.

The Book of Mormon is really the most powerful book that we can read. You learn so much from one passage that it just blows your mind. I hope to write more about cool experiences, and I definitely recommend the Book of Mormon whenever you are feeling down.

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