So I have big news. My trainer has been transferred to Groiztsch which is close to Leipzig. 😦 Good bye Elder Matthews. My new companion is Elder Field. He was a Zone leader in Chemniz, and I think he will be finishing his mission here in Wilhelmshaven. His picture is on the mission blog ( If you look at the pictures from the leadership conference he is the bottom left, red head. He will be showing up tomorrow around 5:30pm in Oldenburg.

My last week with Elder Matthews was really good. Tuesday we were contacting old investigators and potential investigators. As we were biking from one place to the other, Elder Matthews suddenly stopped and told me that we had to go back. We turned around and went to a group of houses to look for an old potential investigator. When we talked to him, he said he didnt have interest, so we decided to door the whole apartment. On the last klingle, a man came to the door. We told him about the Book of Mormon and that it would help him to come nearer to God. He then explained that he had left the church (Catholic?), but he still believed very strongly on God. He told us that he was very interested to read the Book of Mormon, and we told him we could come back this week to talk more about it, and he said that would be good.
Then Friday, we were out in a place called Fedder Warden going door to door. We talked with a man at the door, and he told us a little about his beliefs and invited us into his house. His wife was also there and so we all talked about God and how it is sometimes hard to believe He is there. They have had a lot of hard things one after another and so their belief on God has changed a little. We talked about prophets, and they were interested to talk with us more about the church and God, so I will be meeting with them Thursday with Elder Field.
This is a quote from my weekly email from President Kosak:
“First I shake the whole Apple tree, that the ripest might fall. Then I climb the tree and shake each limb, and then each branch, and then each twig, and then I look under each leaf.” [Martin Luther]
I think we have moved out to the branches now. I guess missionaries have gone out to Fedder Warden before but it hasn’t been picked through recently.
Those are some of the miracles that have been going on in Wilhelmshaven. Elder Field is looking forward to serving here and from our conversation on the phone we should get along really well. Till next week.
Elder J Billings
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