Missionary news from Leer

This week was very interesting. We started out the week with an awesome lesson with a lady we met while dooring. She really understands prayer and has seen its influence in her life. She was really interested in talking with us and we talked a lot about what we do as missionaries and explained a little about the restoration. We gave her a booklet about the restoration and asked her to read it and think about it. Elder Matthews and I are going to stop by again this week and invite her to come to church.

Thursday, I went to Leer on an exchange with the district leader. He is an awesome guy and we really worked well together. We taught a lesson to a guy that they met earlier in the week and contacted people in the area. It involved a lot of walking, but it was really enjoyable. I stayed in Leer until Saturday because the elders from Leer had a display in the city center, and we were going there to help. I ended up working with an RM that went on a mission to Florida. He was really cool, and he helped me to see how natural it could be to talk to people.
On the train ride home we had another interesting experience. Elder Matthews and I had just sat down when someone said, “Hey, are you two missionaries?”. I was completely taken off guard because he said it in English. Anyway he is an exchange student from South Dakota and he has been in Germany for 9 months. He was on his way to Oldenburg where we catch our train to Wilhelmshaven. We talked for a little while and found out the he is a member of the church and he was going to go hang out with another member that is on the exchange in Oldenburg. It was a little strange to talk to a teenager again especially in English, but it was cool to talk to him because he hasn’t been able to make it to church for a little while because he lives in a small town and the nearest church is tough to get to.
In church this Sunday there was an interesting mix of topics. My final composition of it all goes like this:
To be an example, we have to know where we are going and how to get there. Our lamps have to be burning brightly with the oil from prayer, scripture study and church attendance. As we walk the path that Christ has shown us, we will be able to guide others in the way that they should go. We need to fill our lamps everyday and live in the way Christ did.
There is a really cool quote from President Hinckley in Preach my Gospel that talks about how a missionary should pray. It is too long to type up, but it is in the fourth chapter if you want to look it up.
Elder Joseph Billings
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