Super Excited!

So we met a guy this week in the park. We asked him if he had ever heard about the Book of Mormon, and he said that he had but that he hadn’t read it. We told him that we had one with us that we could give to him, and I don’t think he believed us until we pulled it out. He told us we could meet with him this week so that will be really interesting.

We also had an awesome meeting with one of our new members who is also a less active. We read a scripture with him, and he really felt the Spirit. He asked us how we knew that he needed that right now, closed the book, gave it back and said, do it again. We did it a couple more times, and then he said I don’t think this is the same book that I have at home. I guess I sometimes feel that was too. I read a scripture and I kind of think to myself, “is this the same book I’ve been reading all these years?”
Anyway so that was pretty much my week. Easter was fun but no one was out on the street to talk to us. After we got home we watched a movie called special witnesses of christ. It is the testimonies of the first presidency and the apostles in 2000. It is really amazing.
Happy Easter!
2014 04 20 Kur Park 2
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