Where are the keys?

My companion is sick. Between 9am and 9pm he can’t speak english. I think it is contagious. But seriously it has helped my german so much to just speak German and not switch between the two. It is acctually one of the mission rules that missionaries should speak as much german as possible between the hours of 9 and 9, and I have noticed the way that obeying mission rules makes the mission better.

So now, I will tell a story.

Once upon a time. There were two missionaries in an empty city. One of them said to the other “let’s go to the store and get a snack”. The other agreed and they left the apartment. Just as the door closed, one said to the other. “The keys are in the apartment and so is the phone”. They decided to go to the payphone to call some other missionaries that knew where the keys were. They called and found out where the extra keys were. The first time they went by no one was home. The second time they got the key and were able to get back into the apartment. And that is why there is an extra key with a member.

This is a true story from my exchange in Leer (which means empty). It was very exciting. While I was there we had a lesson with an investigator there that wants to be baptized. It was strange because it was in english but the spirit was so strong. Hopefully I will be able to write soon about someone that I am teaching that is getting baptized.

This whole week has been April weather (which means it changes every few hours). Earlier this week we were biking out to Fedderwarden which is not far from where we live and we got poured on. One minute we were biking through a mist and the next it was like a waterfall. We were able to visit with someone for the worst of it so that was definitely a blessing. The good news is that my rain coat is fantastic. The water just beaded up and ran right off of it. I felt like a duck. That night though I was exhausted. I thought to myself, we have a bath tub and I haven’t had a bath in months. So I decided to take a bath. I my mind, I said to myself. “Hey, you in the suit. Yes you. Take a bath you hippy.” Then I laughed. Ha Ha Ha.

Just one more thing. Before I left on my mission someone in my ward talked about testimonies and how they have “short shelf lives”. That is true even for missionaries. If I don’t share my testimony with someone during the day, even if it is just my companion, I come home feeling useless and wondering if I really have a testimony. But on days when I have been able to bear testimony about the gospel, I come home feeling like I had an awesome day, even if we didn’t have a single lesson. Sister stevens said in general conference, “the gospel is not weight it is wings”! I have seen the evidence of that as I have gained more experience on my mission. As I focus on the basic principle of the gospel and apply them in my life, I feel like I have been lifted above the things that happen in the day and see things more like God sees them.

Till next week,

Elder Joseph Billings




Kur Park

Kur Park



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