A foggy day in… Wilhelmshaven

Schöne Güße from Wilhelmshaven!

Spring is finally here (I think). The trees don’t have a lot of leaves yet, but flowers are growing in and some trees have turned yellow. Mornings and evenings get pretty foggy. We usually aren’t out around that time, but we have had a couple of morning activities this week, and it was supper foggy. I haven’t got a picture of it ye,t but I will try to get one this week.

I have had a couple of really interesting experiences this last week. It was the last week of the transfer so Elder Matthew was on exchange with the district leader, Elder Kossin, in Leer. Elder Kossin’s companion is Elder Flack who was in my MTC district. Two missionaries about 5 weeks in Germany wandering around a city and trying to talk to people; it was awesome. Both of us speak German pretty well so it wasn’t that bad. We were in Wilhelmshaven, so I had to lead us everywhere on the bikes. Luckily I found my way through the the streets, and we had some good conversations in a park. There were a lot of tulips, and I suppose my wheels were going faster than a windmill because there is only one in Wilhelmshaven, and it doesn’t turn anymore. Also my bike is not a ten speed, maybe a three.
Saturday we had a service project in a park. The Elders from Leer and Oldenburg came and about 20 members. It was really amazing because the activity we had in Leer only had one member there. Afterwards we went and got pea soup from the German Red Cross. I saw the Burgermeister for the third time, and I still am not registered here. I will have to take care of that tomorrow. In Germany, you have to register in every city that you live in. My passport was in Berlin while I got my temporary residency, and I just got that back Wednesday.
Yesterday was amazing. We went out to a members house in Jever for lunch and then went to an appointment. Unfortunately that fell out so we went to a park to find people. We had a awesome conversation with an older lady that had this super nice dog. She told us at the beginning that she didn’t have interest in our church, but then we asked a follow up question and she open right up. She talked about her life, and we shared stuff about ourselves. We probably talked for a half hour. Then last night during planning, one of our investigators sent us a text. He had been in Leipzig for the last couple weeks getting his heart checked out. Everything was fine, and he is back in the area again. Hopefully we will be able to start meeting together again soon. He wanted to come to church this week, so we told him about General Conference and that he could watch it at his house on the computer. This is convenient because he lives a ways away and it is difficult for him to make it to church more than once a month.
Transfer calls came Friday night. The district stayed almost the same. Both Elder Flack and I are staying with our companions, but one of our Zone leaders is leaving to serve closer to Berlin. This transfer is only five weeks long so that will be interesting.
2014 03 31 Wilhelmshaven biking at sunset

Wilhelmshaven at Sunset

2014 03 31 Wilhelmshaven ocean

Ocean near Wilhelmshaven

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