In Which Elder Billings doesn’t speak English when he’s speaking German

So Spring just barely started, and I was greeted with rain and cold. It was pretty rough. We haven’t been able to ride our bikes because of it, and when we do, my shoes and pants get muddy (sad face). Things have been going pretty well besides that. We have been having really amazing experiences. One thing that is interesting is that our branch just got reorganized with a new Branch President. It is Elder Porter who is here with his wife on a mission. His wife is originally here from Germany, and he went on his mission to Austria. He served in the Army for a good part of his life, so he is tough but he has a sense of humor (though it is hard to follow sometimes, especially in German).

This last week, Elder Matthews and I went to another city for “district finding”. It was really interesting. At one point I was paired up with the zone leader. He has about two transfers left and is super amazing. Once he left me hanging while I was talking to two people on the street. I must have done alright because they didn’t tell me that they didn’t speak English (which happens sometimes because of our American accents). Afterwards he told me I had really good German and complimented me on talking to people. I learned a lot of new ways to start conversations and to keep them going from him. Hopefully I can keep improving.

The work has been a little slow, but I “blame it on the rain” (song title). No one is outside and dooring is not very effective. With luck the work with pick up as we move into summer and warmer weather (and I get better at talking/teaching with the Spirit).

I think my understanding is getting better because I have started to learn things from people’s talks in church. Before I would pick out little things they said and try to understand those. Then I would look up scriptures they used and read in German for a little while until I figured out what it meant. Once (and I feel really bad about this) I fell asleep in the stake conference my second day here… twice.


Here I am fist bumping a huge fist. Fist of justice!!!!!

Here I am fist bumping a huge fist. Fist of justice!!!!!

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