16 March 2014, In which Elder Billings ponders miracles

This week went by really quickly. When I first showed up my companion told me that we will have the longest days but the shortest weeks. I have definitely noticed that this week. Every day is so full of things to do and people to contact that it feels like a week crammed into one day, but it feels like I was writing emails yesterday.

One thing that was interesting this week was what I learned from my personal study. At the beginning of the week, I made study plans for my personal and language study times. It really helped me to focus my mind and I don’t have to worry as much about what I want to study. I ended up finding some really helpful things in a packet that I got from the mission president my second day in Germany. I hadn’t really looked at it, but in my interview with the president he talked about something from the packet and I must have had a very confused look because he bemoaned that fact that no one reads the things he gives out. After that meeting I told myself that I was going to study all of the things that he gives us to read. Back to the story. I was reading a part that had a talk from Elder Holland about missionary work in Europe.

“If we have to call down miracles or angels, then call them down… Maybe we have not moved out to the edge enough where miracles occur. Move out to the edge… The gifts of heaven are there. That we should have miracles, revelations, help from the Lord is known intellectually, but it is not enough practiced and remembered. Our years teach us things our days never knew.”

That and the rest of the things that I read hit me hard at times when I was feeling down or that things weren’t working the way they should. The work is in God’s hands and if I am willing to stretch myself he will make up the difference.

The other day we rode out to a suburb of Wilhelmshaven called Feder Warden. It took us a while, and we had to rest in the middle. But when we finally got out there the people we talked to were really nice. As opposed to shutting the door within 2 to 3 seconds, a lot of them would talk to us for a couple of minutes even though they weren’t interested. I was just reminded of an experience from last week that I probably shared but it came to my mind when I was talking about miracles. He had told us at the door he didn’t have a lot of time, but he invited us in and we talked with him for ten or fifteen minutes about religion and different things. Even though he wasn’t interested that was still a miracle for us that day. We had been dooring for a while without having a single conversation. It was windy and rainy and cold. I would definitely say that we were out on the edge at that point, and we witnessed a miracle. I know that there are miracles in store for everyone everyday. All you have to do is look and follow the spirit. It might be no bigger than a kind smile when you are feeling down but the miracles will come.

Elder Billings

Oldenburg District quarterly interviews

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