March 9, 2014 In which is used as a missionary tool

We had a couple of really cool experiences this week. Saturday we were out dooring. We came to a door, and an older gentleman answered and told us that he didn’t have a lot of time. We thought he wanted us to leave, but then he invited us in, and we talked a lot about faith and missionary work. He had been to Canada and America a couple times, and we talked about that too. He told us that he didn’t have interest in our church, but before we left, we gave him a card and he said that he was really interested in that. We left him our phone number and told him that he could call us if he ever wanted to use the family history center.

We also went by an old investigator. He has been meeting with the elders on and off for five years or so. We started talking with him, and he told us that he was atheist and the one time he tried to pray he had a bad experience with it. We talked for a little longer, and we got onto the subject of internet and the church, and he told us that he had used the family search and had really liked it. We told him that there were members that had recently told us that they would help any investigators we have that are interested in family search, so we set up an appointment with him and the couple in our ward for tomorrow. It turns out he has books from churches that he bought that have a lot of names, but he can’t read them. It is really amazing that that came up and that we had someone that was willing to teach.

The other story is from last night. We were talking with J (from the island) about the reading that we gave him last week. He had read 2 Nephi 31 and basically explained the Gospel of Christ to us. We clarified a few things and he asked to be baptized. It kind of caught me off guard, and I feel like I missed something. Maybe Elder Matthews had already asked him in another meeting, and I just didn’t understand. It was really cool though. We made plans with him to visit him on the island in April, so that should be really fun. His baptismal date is set for the 25th of April.

My German is coming along alright. I have learned that I have less of a problem speaking and more trouble understanding. Elder Matthews and I are working on that though. As part of our language study, he agreed to talk with me and help me to practice the things that I am learning. The best way that I can learn is probably talking to natives but this is the next best thing.

We got a text from our Mission President the other day that told us to get our bikes fixed up and to use them more. It kind of caught us off guard but it should be really nice to ride around as spring is coming. We also made plans to visit some small dorfs (towns) nearby. I am excited, but my companion hasn’t ridden bikes much in Germany, so neither of us know the rules. It should be an adventure.


Breakfast waffles

Breakfast waffles

Chicken and Rice

Chicken and Rice

Park walk near our aparment

Park walk near our apartment

Cat we met while dooring

Cat we met while dooring
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