February 10, 2014

Tag! Ich hoffe dass euch alle seid Glücklich. Ich bin so begeistert weil wir ein Woche mehr bevor wir nach Deutschland gehen haben.

Hi! I hope that everyone is happy. I am so excited because we have a week left before we leave for Germany.

We got our flight plans Friday. We will be leaving Tuesday morning from the MTC at 4:35 in the morning. Our plan currently says that we are flying straight to Amsterdam from Salt Lake but one of our branch presidency members said he didn’t think that a flight like that existed, so we will see what happens. I was made the travel leader for my flight which means that I am responsible for making sure that everyone gets on the plane. I am not too stressed by that but I would like to know everything about the flights and layovers before we leave.

The German is coming on really well and all of the teachers say that we will learn much more quickly when we are in Germany. The important thing to learn is the language of the Spirit. As a missionary, you must be able to discern what the spirit is trying to tell you. The Spirit can guide you to the places you need to be and the people you need to speak with.

Last night I felt the Spirit more strongly than I probably have ever felt it. I had been wondering where some lyrics were from and some missionaries performed it in the devotional. I don’t think that I could put the feeling into words, but it was the strongest feeling of love I have ever felt. The song was “Savior Redeemer of my Soul” in the pioneer movie arrangement. Steven B Allen spoke afterward. He is one our favorite speakers. He came two weeks ago and spent most of the time singing songs. This week he showed us the old homefront commercials. One of my favorite catch phrases was “Don’t let the Magic pass you by. That is probably the best advice I could give to you.

Afterward we watched a recording of a talk Elder Bednar gave at the MTC called the Character of Christ. He talked a little about the way that Christ always turned out when the natural man would have turned inward. Ex: Healing the guard’s ear in the middle of the Atonement.

Another thing he said was that the best way to get an answer to your questions is to buy a paperback Book of Mormon and write your question in it. Then read it front to back and underline/mark everything that has to do with your question. Then write a half page on what you learned.

One last thing, I sometimes lay awake at night after devotionals thinking about things. Last night I had an idea that if eternal life was the greatest gift God would give us, how much greater of a gift it is for God when his children choose to return to him.

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