January 27, 2014

Time is really strange at the MTC. It feels like just yesterday I was sitting around the house with nothing to do, but at the same time I feel like I have spent an eternity at the MTC learning and studying. Mondays (pday) are really great. I suddenly have time on my hands and I don’t have to worry about teaching or speaking German without really knowing half the words the other person is using. We get to go to the temple on pday, and it is an amazing spiritual experience every time. Interestingly enough, the protestors were gone Sunday and today.

Sundays are different than they used to be. We have sacrament at 7:30 and a lot of meetings until dinner at 4:30. So don’t complain about 9:00 church; it could be earlier. I am used to it now though. I used to have a lot more meetings but starting today I am no longer the District Leader, so I won’t have to go to all of the leadership meeting. We also go on temple walks which are always exciting. Elder Melanson said that now he knows why his dog was so happy every time he took it for a walk. Ive decided that we are like those pets that only get let out once or twice a week.

Choir and the firesides are really amazing. Last Tuesday Bishop Gerald Causse and his wife spoke to us. They talked a lot about how we can deepen our love for the Savior and others. My favorite part was at the end he said, “Be the witness of His love”. It is kind of like WWJD but better. The teaching has gotten a lot easier and the German is coming along well. We watched Legacy in German and I actually understood it. It is amusing because both the Testaments and Legacy had love stories in them. Very cheesy ones, but we are missionaries so we are easily amused.

Last night Steven B Allen talked to us. He didn’t have a prepared talk at all and just went by what the spirit told him. We ended up singing a lot and paying attention to the words and thinking about the meaning. One of the branch presidency members said this quote in sacrament meeting. “The juice is worth the squeeze”. Interpret that however you want. I just thought that was really cool.


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